Christmas Party, Deluxe Holiday Gift Basket (Large)


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Bigger is better when you’re talking about a holiday gift basket overflowing with holiday favorites! This eye-catching beauty will draw crowds as they unwrap and discover all of these delicious goodies tucked inside:Creamy Assorted English Toffee in Gift Box w/ Mini HammerHoliday Raspberry Tea Cookies in a Beautiful Wreath BoxTin of Plump Georgia Pecans Smothered In Milk Chocolate and CaramelCaramel Cheesecake Dessert CookiesCranberry Pecan CookiesRich Belgian Truffles Dusted With CocoaChocolate Drizzled PopcornChocolate Almond Toffee RocaAmaretto Liquor CakeAssorted Classic Godiva TrufflesChocolate Filled Wafer CookiesLarge Assortment of PralinesOld Fashioned Ribbon CandySmoked Gouda CheeseCheddar Cheese Mixed With CranberriesChipotle Cheese SpreadHickory Smoked Beef SalamiHickory Smoked Beef Summer SausageFocaccia Crisps Tuscan Style CrackersPepper and Poppy Water CrackersWild Alaska Smoked SalmonMixed NutsSpicy Szechuan Snack MixToasted PeanutsHoney Mustard Gourmet Pretzel NuggetsOne Pound of Creamy Gourmet Handmade Chocolate FudgeAssorted Holiday Picks and DecorationsLots and Lots of Style

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Weight 18.0 lbs
Dimensions 20.0 × 20.0 × 14.0 in


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