Gobble, Gobble, Thanksgiving Gift Basket


  • Ships from: FL
  • Perishable: yes


This adorable fall gift basket features an extremely cute bear dressed up like a pumpkin and riding high alongside a host of some of our most delicious treats of the season!

What a great way to celebrate the season! They will be thrilled to see and sample all of the goodies carefully tucked into this treasure chest of flavor.

  • Plumpkin Pumpkin, An Absolutely Adorable, Pumpkin Spice Scented Bearington Bear all Dressed Up Like a Pumpkin
  • Fall Leaves Candle Set
  • Cinnamon Pecan Sugar Cookie Straws
  • Almond Roca
  • Chocolate Wafer Cookies
  • Crispy, Cream Filled Chocolate Wafer Cookies
  • Chocolate Pretzels
  • Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookies
  • Assorted Hot Chocolates
  • Dark Chocolate Filled Wafers
  • Butter Crunch Popcorn
  • Toasted Almond Straws

Additional Information

Weight 8.0 lbs
Dimensions 16.0 × 12.0 × 12.0 in


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