Grandest Of Them All, Deluxe Gift Basket (Deluxe)


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It just does not get any better than this! This gift basket really does have it all, and yes, bigger is better when it comes to gift baskets. Here is what we mean by bigger.This beauty includes:Chocolate Mania (Canister filled with assortment of Chocolate Covered Snacks)Sugar and Spice Georgia PecansClassic Gourmet Snack MixGeorgia Praline PecansChocolate ToffeeRich Chocolate French TrufflesImported CaviarJar of Green Olive and Pimento Cheese DipEntire “Cutting Edge” Gift Arrangement (Shown Here). 15x9in.Two Grain/Tone Bamboo Cutting BoardAll Natural Wild Alaska Smoked SalmonRoasted Garlic All Beef Summer SausageTomato and Basil All Beef Summer SausageItalian Brand All Beef SalamiSpicy All Beef Summer SausageZesty Cheddar CheeseWisconsin Cheddar with Onion and ChivesTomato and Basil CheeseSwiss Blend CheeseGarden Vegetable CheesePepper CheeseWisconsin Swiss CheeseOld Hickory CheeseCranberry Cheddar Cheese SpreadMerlot flavored Cheese SpreadBeer Cheese SpreadChipotle Cheddar Cheese SpreadStainless Steel Cheese SpreaderGourmet Cracker AssortmentChocolate Rum Cake with True Jamaican RumButter Rum Cake with True Jamaican RumItalian Roast Espresso Beans Lavished In Rich Dark ChocolateSmooth and Creamy CaramelsChocolate Almond ToffeeButtercrunch Cashew ToffeeMilk, Dark and White Chocolate Gopher TurtlesChocolaty Cherry Amaretto Cheesecake FondueCinnamon Vanilla Cookie DunksOld-fashioned Cashew Log RollElegant Reusable Glass Jar Filled With Assorted Fruit CandiesBelgian Chocolate SeashellsDark Chocolate Sea Salt CaramelsFresh Baked and Crispy Vanilla Cream Filled Wafer CookiesDark Chocolate Mint DelightsGift Box Filled With White Chocolate Peppermint BarkPremium European Cookie AssortmentChocolate Salted Caramel CookiesIrish Cream Chocolate TrufflesCherry Liquor ChocolatesCanister of Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge Pretzel BitsElegant Tin Filled With Danish Butter CookiesAssorted German Chocolate CookiesMixed NutsHandmade Southern Style Peanut BrittleGodiva Dark Chocolate CashewsGodiva Milk Chocolate AlmondsPretzel Twists Covered in Premium Milk, Dark & White Chocolate, Decorated With Assorted Holiday ToppingsJumbo Pretzel Rods Dipped in Caramel & Dark Chocolate, Then Artfully DecoratedChocolate CherriesCoconut Curry Cashews (Cashews in Exotic Blend of White Chocolate, Curry and Coconut)Unique Tote of “Seriously Good Sipping Chocolate For Grown-Ups”Boardwalk Crunch (Buttered Popcorn, Marshmallows, Nuts & Salty Pretzels Encased in Creamy Chocolate)Milk Chocolate Covered GrahamsWhite Chocolate Peppermint GrahamsMilk Chocolate Toffee GrahamsDark Chocolate Covered GrahamsCherries and Almonds in Dark ChocolateAlmonds and Sea Salt in Dark ChocolateSpiced Vanilla Chai Tea MixCaramel Cappuccino MixFrench Vanilla Premium Coffee

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Weight 45.0 lbs
Dimensions 24.0 × 24.0 × 20.0 in


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