Healing Gift Chest – Sympathy Gift Basket


  • Ships from: FL
  • Perishable: yes


This gift offers a wonderful keepsake trunk filled with a host of gourmet goodies along side a heartwarming book on healing titled “A Time to Grieve, A Time to Heal”.

Loss of a loved one is a hard thing to go through but with the right people by their side and a bit of time, life does go on. This simple sympathy gift is just the right thing to show your support and yet not be in the way,

  • A very special book that offers a treasury of inspiration and healing through quotes, advise and poetry
  • Smoked Almonds
  • Crackers and Gourmet Cheese Spread
  • Delicious Nutty Snack Mix
  • Hazelnut Mocha Gourmet Coffee
  • French Vanilla Gourmet Hot Cocoa

Additional Information

Weight 5.0 lbs


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