Healthy Living, Sugar Free Gift Basket – Large (Candies)


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This charming large sugar free gift basket features the following delicious items:Roasted PeanutsWisconsin Cheddar CheesePepper CheeseOriginal Beef Summer SausageGarlic Beef Summer SausageFocaccia CrispsTuscan Style CrackersSalted Corn NutsBoca Bar Gourmet Snack MixMore CrackersCamembert Cheese SpreadVegetable Cheese SpreadSmoked AlmondsSugar Free Butterscotch Hard CandiesSugar Free Chocolate Mint Hard CandiesSugar Free Fruit Chews This sugar free gift basket is a great alternative for those with diabetic needs or those just trying to cut down on sugar.

Additional Information

Weight 8.0 lbs
Dimensions 16.0 × 16.0 × 12.0 in


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