No Tricks…Only Treats: Halloween Gift Basket


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A perfect mix of chocolate and fruity candy treats, this Halloween gift basket is sure to please everyone with a whole lot of their favorite Halloween candy. Trick or Treating can be a mixed bag, but our “No Tricks…Only Treats” Halloween gift basket is a guaranteed winner! Tucked inside an adorable orange pumpkin basket they’ll find 32 fun size bags of everyone’s favorite Halloween treats. Includes Snickers, Twix, Starburst, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers and Skittles!Includes:
  • Fun Size Mixed Fruit Flavored Candy – 16 pcs. – 16 fun size bags of fruity favorites including Starburst and Skittles.
  • Fun Size Mixed Chocolate Candy – 16 pcs. – Includes brand name candy bars like Milky Way, Snickers, Three Musketeers, and Twix.
  • Halloween Pumpkin Bucket – This sturdy plastic Halloween pumpkin bucket with a black handle and orange pumpkin stem is filled with 32 fun size bags of candy with room for a few more!

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