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Imagine their delight as they sift through all of the exciting things we have included in this large metal pail! They will be in Kid utopia!!This fun filled gift basket for kids includes:Webkinz “Adopt A Pal” Chihuahua (or) Colorful Tree FrogColorful Plush Flower with Bendable Stem For Gripping ThingsColorful Plush SnakeActivity BookLarge Bubble WandFun CD Filled With Children SongsSilly PuttyJump RopeSweet Chips (Delicious Chips Loaded With Caramel, Chocolate, Nuts and    Sprinkles)Jelly Belly CandyTube Filled With Chocolate Covered Rock BitsTube Filled With Candy Coated Sunny Seeds (Sunflower Seeds)Key Lime StrawsLemon Straws3 Large Twill PopsA Large Colorful Tote, With Attached Metal Whisk, Filled With Key Lime/Watermelon “Melonade” Can you imagine a child who wouldn’t love this gift basket designed especially for kids?  We can’t either.

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