Snuggle Safari, Baby Gift Basket


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This oversized gift offers so many wonderful gifts for the new baby but it also includes an entire tower of tasty treats for the proud parents to enjoy too!  It’s the perfect shower gift or welcome home gift for the family!The Snuggle Safari includes:Three Colorful Plush Animal RattleSoft Lion Ouch Pouch (For Babies boo boos)A Brightly Colored Ceramic Animal BankTwo Large, Colorful Safari Plush FriendsGeri The GiraffeThree Hardcover Classic Baby BooksA Soft Plush Monkey with attached BlankieA Soft Plush Elephant with attached BlankieA Super Soft Large Blanket and Lion Gift SetA Colorful Embroidered Safari ClothA Tower of Tasty Treats Which Includes the FollowingBottom BoxYogurt Covered PretzelsSunshine Fruit MixSwedish FishSea Salt Caramel CookiesToasted Almond Cookie StrawsMiddle BoxVirginia PeanutsWhite Jordan AlmondsSmoked AlmondsPistachios in The ShellSmall BoxKey Lime White Chocolate CookiesCinnamon PecansShortbread Cookies

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Weight 14.0 lbs
Dimensions 20.0 × 20.0 × 16.0 in


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