Ultimate Fruit & Snacks Gift Basket


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Warm up by the fire this holiday season and enjoy all of the decadent goodies you’ll find inside this thoughtful gift! All of the hand-selected treats can be enjoyed by a loved one, family member, or friend as they try and soak in some of the holiday spirit. This basket can be reused around the house and enjoyed for days to come!

Medium Willow tray Basket, Jack Allen Brie Cheese, Jack Allen Chocolate Chip Cookies, Jack Allen Blue Cheese Twists, Jack Allen Dried Apricots, Jack Allen Fruit & Nut Mix, Olympos Olives, Jack Allen Wafers, Jack Allen Sourdough Rounds, Jack Allen Water Crackers, Sparking Apple Cider, Ghirardelli 60% Dark Chocolate Square, Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Caramel Filled Square, Busseto Salami Dry Mini, Cheese Knife, Napa Valley Whole Grain Mustard, Naval Orange,
Granny Smith Green Apples, Red Delicious Apples, Sweet & Juicy D’Anjou Pear, 16×16 Flat Printed Napkin

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